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Join the Wincent team, a high-frequency trading (HFT) company pioneering the crypto market since 2017. With algorithms operating on 14 exchanges and trading approximately 40 cryptocurrencies, we are a leading global market maker. At Wincent, we seek individuals with a competitive mindset, regardless of their level of interest in crypto. If you're driven by challenge and innovation and want to join a team shaping the future of trading, consider a career with Wincent.

Open positions

Our algorithms are only as effective as the individuals who develop and maintain them. That's why we're focused on building a team of highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds. We have engineers and researchers from Facebook and Google, with academic backgrounds from Berkeley, Caltech, ETH, and MIT. Additionally, our team includes international medalists from informatics, math, and physics olympiads, professional Go, Poker and Chess players.

We choose to work.

This is our core belief. We enjoy work, and work gives us purpose. We thrive in the ups and downs of crypto space. When the crypto world is burning, we choose to dance.

We trust each other.

No secrets*; no bureaucracy; no committees. We hire smart people so they can do a great job based on smart information and not fight corporate politics. [*Almost. We of course respect personal privacy and GDPR.]

We say things as they are.

We have no tolerance for games of politics, fluff, or bullshit in general.

We leave our egos at the door.

At Wincent, we're all about teamwork and mutual respect here.

Why Choose Wincent?

In today's challenging market, we know you come across many opportunities. But why should you consider Wincent? We stand out for our commitment to excellence and innovation, offering a dynamic environment where you can thrive. If you're seeking a rewarding career, consider joining us at Wincent.
At Wincent, we value our people above all else. We foster a culture of breaking rules, constructive disagreement, and radical transparency. Brilliant minds are welcome, but egos are not.
We provide competitive salaries various benefits for all levels of experience, along with co-investment opportunities featuring discounted fees and bi-annual performance bonuses tied to company achievements.


Trading experience of our team allows us to execute client orders with a minimum market impact.


Our infrastructure and exclusive deals with exchanges and partners allows us to offer tightest spreads possible.

Why Wincent

Our focus is in providing the markets and our clients alike with the best trading experience and prices—we don't compromise on execution quality.

Core values guide our team forward

The Wincent team chooses to work. We enjoy our work and we believe it makes us grow. It is a place where we work with friends and where we find our purpose.