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wincent update your email address

Updating your email address

If you want to update your mailing list subscriptions, please see the mailing lists page. The mailing lists are "opt-in". Due to the prevalence of spam and security concerns, if you wish to subscribe to a mailing list them then only way that you can do it is to send a message from the address that you wish to subscribe.

For security reasons, license codes are permanently bound to the email address used at the time of purchase. This is to reduce the likelihood of an outsider attempting to "hijack" your license by claiming to be you and then trying to change the address associated with the license. What this means is that when you enter you enter your license code in the software you must use the address exactly as it appears on the registration notice. It's very important to keep backups of this notice (both printed and electronic) so that if you ever lose access to your email address then you will still have a copy of your registration information.

If you want to notify me of a change of address, for my own records, you can use the form below. I will keep this information on file, but I won't be able to issue you with a new license-code or change your mailing list subscriptions for you (you must do that yourself).

Your full name:
Product(s) purchased:
Receipt, transaction number(s), or license code(s):
specify this information to demonstrate that you are the purchaser
Date(s) of purchase(s):
Old address:
specify the address you used at the time of purchase
New address:
a valid address is required