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November 30, 2007

Nested examples in RSpec

Very surprised to see this (there always seemed to be a bit of resistance to the idea from the core devs), but very happy too as it will make for some much more readable specs.

Posted 8:36 PM

November 29, 2007

Rails 2.0RC2

Almost there...

Posted 3:59 PM

November 28, 2007

Game of life

He's on a roll (see also Wikipedia on the Game of life).

Posted 9:57 AM

November 27, 2007

One change I'm glad about in Leopard

More sensible relationship between POSIX signals and Mach exceptions.

Posted 10:45 PM

Life with computers

A classic.

Posted 8:02 PM

November 25, 2007

RubyCocoa 0.13.0

Release notes.

Posted 8:42 PM

November 21, 2007

Yet more bad press for WordPress

Once again due to security issues.

Posted 3:57 PM

FSF releases AGPL License

Interesting new license.

Posted 8:47 AM

November 15, 2007

Going Leopard-only

Only about 11 months late, I've stumbled across this article which quotes me on my reasons for focussing all my development efforts on Leopard.

Posted 8:38 PM

November 14, 2007

Things I'm looking forward to in Git 1.5.4

Colorized test output, and support for SSL/SMTP-AUTH. Also hoping that the patches for adding colorized output to git-add --interactive make it in.

Posted 9:44 AM

November 13, 2007

Rails release candidate

The first official release candidate is out. Not upgrading just yet because I haven't even gotten a proper Rails development environment set up on Leopard yet (MySQL being the road-block there; haven't been able to build from source yet and I prefer to wait for the MySQL team's next release).

Posted 2:12 PM

November 7, 2007

Why I don't like installing plug-ins

An example of why I try to keep the number of installed plug-ins down in a Rails application. It's all too easy to see a "neat feature" and think, "Great! It's a one-line install!", but the code is unlikely to be as closely vetted as the core Rails codebase itself.

Posted 9:48 AM

Firewall FUD

Apple clears up the ridiculous firewall FUD previously spread around by security "researchers".

Posted 9:32 AM

Leopard Web Inspector


Posted 9:24 AM

November 6, 2007

RSpec present and future

Slides from the RubyConf.

Posted 8:46 PM


Nice article on DTrace by Google engineer Greg Miller.

Posted 8:20 PM

Intel vs PPC numbers

Don't know how reliable they are, but these numbers are very interesting.

Posted 8:10 PM

November 5, 2007

Login & Keychain Update 1.0 Released

Hopefully this will fix at least one of the many glitches I've seen so far running Leopard.

Posted 12:41 PM